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Member Brags

Congrats to our members for their accomplishments in 2022!!!

Westside Joker’s Wild BN, RI, CA, CGCA, TKA, FCAT

Owner: Mimi Palmer

Breeders: Donna Steuart and Emily Edwards

Titles Won in 2022: Trick Dog Advanced, TKA and Fast CAT, FCAT

Tifflyn Summer Nights BN RA HT NF TKN CGC

Breeders: Lynda McKee & Gail Sheets

Owner: Lynda McKee

TItles in 2022: Herding Tested (HT) 


CH Tifflyn One Last Nightcap PT CAA FCAT2 TKN

Breeder/Owner: Lynda McKee

Titles in 2022: Champion, Fast CAT2 so his new name is

Tifflyn Last Call Of The Night PT CAA FCAT3 TKN

Breeder/Owner: Lynda McKee

Titles in 2022: FCAT3 

Tifflyn From Me To You CD RE CGC TKN

Breeder/Owner: Lynda McKee

Titles in 2022: FCAT 

Tifflyns About Last Night

Owner-Brigitte Campanaro

Breeder- Lynda McKee

Titles in 2022: Novice STD, Novice JWW, Open STD, Open JWW, Excellent STD, Excellent JWW, Novice

FAST, Open Fast and Excellent FAST, FCAT2 and FCAT3

Celtic Rose Lively This Kiss

Owner Names: Jim & Nancy Marchand

Breeders: Paula Kain and Robin Castle

Titles in 2022: RI on 10/15/22, RN on 6/12/2022, TKN on 8/13/22


Dreamwinds Time Turner 

Owner Name(s): Matt and Cindi Stanesic

Breeder Name(s): Christine Howard Greene & Luke Greene & Laura Forbis

Titles Won in 2022: CGC, Novice JWW Preferred (NJP), Open Agility Preferred (OAP), Open Agility JWW

Preferred (OJP), Agility Excellent Preferred (AXP), Excellent FAST Preferred (XFP) and BCAT

Rollnoaks Cottontails Can’t Fight The Moonlight BN RE CGC TKI CD-V

Owner: Tara Cotton

Breeder: Lee Ann Steinmetz

2022 Titles: AKC RA, AKC RE

Light Cycle Faerysteed PCD BN RAE CA CGCA CGCU TKI

Owner: Tara Cotton

Breeder: Rhonda Weaver

2022 Titles: AKC RAE Rally High Combined Corgi @ 2022 Springer Specialty

Dragons Fly Wind Waker CGC TKN VHMP

Owner: Tara Cotton

Breeder: Joanne White

2022 Titles: VHMP, TKN, CGC


Owner: Sarah Raheja

Breeder: Natalie Lake

Earned MACH and MACH2 in 2022 along with PAD, PJD, MXF, DCAT, and SWN

Eweknow Baymoor Big Cakie Fattie RE TKN BCAT DJ RATM

Owners - Tabitha K and Ken W

Breeders - Sharon Lofley and Bonnie Hansen


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